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Welcome to Siaco!

Components for footwear

Welcome to Siaco!

Components for footwear

About Us

SIACO is one of the Portuguese companies in the shoe sector with the greatest longevity and notoriety, with the origin of the company going back to the year 1963. Its activity consists on the production of components and lasts for the shoe industry.

We are a soles development and production structure for the footwear sector.

Our flexibility allows us to meet any need for high quality injected or prefabricated soles of high quality, according to the fashion patterns.

The quality, experience and important know-how are the elements that we put at the disposal of our customers, through the products created and developed, and the constant support to all our customers' needs in heels or wedges for footwear.

Portuguese company pioneer in the manufacture of all kinds of forms for the manufacture of footwear following the latest trends in international fashion.

Leading company in Portugal in forms for footwear.
In anticipation of each era, we developed together with modellers and stylists the forms that the fashion market demands.

We manufacture Insoles since 1963.

With a long experience accumulated since then and manufacturing for high demand footwear

Custom Templates

Shape Modeling

Forms and soles of specific and customized models. Home Customized models for each client, in the light of international trends.


A great passion for the product and constant research, allow SIACO to offer products with high quality standards. The best pre-fabricated soles are the result of the commitment and vocation from our highly qualified and specialized staff. A team of professionals are responsible for the department of innovation and development, and constantly focused on the study of the materials and methods of production. Always in synergy with the market demands and trends, soles are developed according to the market standards and using the newest technologies, with a special care in the customization and creation of specific products.

Precision Technologies

Thanks to our design and manufacture systems, that integrate the best CAD-CAM technologies in the sector, we are able to achieve the highest precision either in grading and reliability.

Some of our products